Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting frisky

Well, we made it home, but not without incident. We had our luggage packed, had breakfast, grabbed a cab, and headed to the airport. The security line wasn't too bad, so we felt good about our trek through the terminal. However, I started beeping through the metal detector. I backed up, removed my watch and bracelet and walked through again. Beeped again. Then I realized that I still had my very large hoop earrings in. Too late.

I got whisked into a plexiglass holding pen with a man who looked like an old man extra from a Saudi Arabian film. They very obtrusively summoned a female security officer who made me "spread 'em" and frisked me. It was the earrings. Duh.

For a split second, I thought about being embarrassed. Then I looked around and remembered that I was in Las Vegas -- the city of lunatics -- so I blew it off.

We had a wonderful time -- seeing all the city sights, losing only about $20 (since Chad has self control), and lounging by the pool. We managed to avoid a couple of disasters at the HR convention Chad was helping with, and felt great about it before leaving town. We ate WAY too much, walked WAY too far and smelled WAY too much cigarette smoke, but all in all it was a spectacular place to travel together.

We came home to a very excited Avery, who ran back and forth between Chad and me hugging us over and over again. I LOVE that. Even though it was nice to get some time alone without her, we missed the little booger and couldn't wait to get home to her.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our trip. We didn't have a single one of ourselves -- just the sights. Oh well. Enjoy!
The beautiful Bellagio before the infamous fountain show
The Eiffel Tower at the Paris resort
The volcano at the Mirage
Sweet time with Papa when he was in town for a funeral
Cheesin' it up with Nana and her super fun Green Tea bottle

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today's high

Chad and I are in Las Vegas for the next few days -- sans Avery. His parents came up Thursday and my mom is relieving them today. Chad is helping with set-up and dismantle for a Healthways trade show booth at two conventions, so I'm tagging along.

This place is really amazing. It stinks like a giant ashtray, but the architectural details are phenomenal. We've exhausted ourselves each day so far with all the walking and intense heat. The high this weekend is 109!!! The low is 88. It's a really dry heat, so it doesn't feel as bad as 90 in Nashville, but it does feel like we're just standing in front of an open oven door.

We're at Bally's, next to Paris and across from the Bellagio. We watched the fountain show last night. It's amazing that they'd give up that much precious real estate for a big pond, but it draws so many people.

We've played a few slots and some video poker, but Chad won't let me bet more than 5 cents at a time. I keep telling him that a big investment equals a big return, but he keeps reminding me that we haven't lost more than about $10 so far.

This is the first time we've both left Avery overnight. We don't have a problem with it -- we just don't have any family in town to leave her with. She's in great hands with her grandparents and I'm sure she's getting spoiled beyond belief. I miss her terribly, though. Every time I see a child (not sure why ANYONE would want to bring a child here), I miss her even more.

Well, I'm finally off to eat breakfast. I know, I know. It's 11:50 to my body right now, but we're on VACATION! I'll post pictures when we return. Have a great weekend, bloggers!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pool drama

After Avery's second day of "school" today at Crieve Hall, I took her to the pool at the Y. It's her favorite place now. She's thrilled with being soaked to the bone.

Avery showed off her jumping off the side moves. Another mom with a daughter a little older than Avery struck up a conversation with me about their comfort level in the pool. It was an ever-so-brief chat, but a few minutes later, I noticed her across the pool with something all over her cheek.

She started trying to get the attention of her older daughter and I heard her give instructions to get out of the pool. After a closer look, I realized that she was holding the back of her baby's head and the 'something' all over her cheek was blood. She rushed over to the first aid station and the lifeguards were helping her stop the bleeding and trying to get her husband on the phone. They were pretty sure the baby would need stitches. She had slipped and hit her head in the shallow sloping end of the kiddie pool.

What do you do in a situation like that??? I would flip out if I were that mom. She couldn't drive to the hospital because she needed to keep pressure on the back of her baby's head. I tried to get her to let me drive them to the hospital, but she was nervous about driving without the baby in a carseat (and she'd just met me 20 minutes earlier.)

I felt compelled to help, so Avery and I gathered up her stroller, shoes, towels, pool floats and other belongings and kept her other daughter Joanna (probably age 5) occupied while she and the lifeguards waited for her husband to arrive.

In the mean time, Joanna said her stomach hurt because she was hungry. We went to my pool chair to get fruit snacks and cash and I got her and Avery each an ice cream sandwich. They were a mess, but stayed out of everyone's hair. We decided to play on the playground, but Joanna changed her mind on the way over because she needed to go to the bathroom. She informed me that she needed help and that she was sorry because it was "really messy." I wasn't prepared for that, but we survived.

Joanna was so polite and sweet, so it was an absolute pleasure to be able to help however I could. Once her daddy arrived, the whole family rushed off to take care of business and get the baby's head checked out. I certainly hope I see them again in better circumstances.