Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer's not over

I expected traffic to be worse than it has been. With kids back in school and big yellow buses flanking every corner, I've prepared for the worst. My daily route includes two school zones. Luckily, I'm through one before the lights start flashing. (The middle school starts late!)

Tusculum Elementary, however, enforces the 15 mph speed limit with two crossing guards -- one at the 4-way stop at McMurray and Whispering Hills and the other at the light at Nolensville Road. I like the lady at the 4-way stop. She is very friendly and professional. Last year, I felt much differently about the lady at Nolensville Road. Inevitably, every morning she'd stop traffic at the light I was sitting at so kids could cross the street. I don't mind that they have to cross the street. Not a problem. However, it drove me nuts that she only stopped traffic for the folks who were trying to turn left from McMurray onto Nolensville Road. One morning, I had to sit through 6 green lights before finally giving up, turning right and making a U-turn to get to work. I don't have time for that. Thankfully, we have a new crossing guard this year. Whoo hoo!!!!! She already seems to be better. She gets people across the street, but I haven't had to wait on anyone yet.

This past weekend, in talking with Chad's family, a discussion came up about the school year schedule. They all seem to be in favor of kids starting as late as possible. Chad's aunt Elaine even went so far as to suggest that kids should start after Labor Day. Whoa! That didn't seem like such a good idea to me -- until now. I realize that we're already thinking that the summer is over since the kids have gone back to school. Summer's not over!!!!

Technically, summer will be sticking with us until September 20-something, but department stores already have out their fall clothes (Who wants to wear sweaters in 90 degree weather??), football teams are taking the field, and the evenings are getting milder. Forget about all this end-of-summer mumbo jumbo. We need to enjoy it! Just 'cause the kids are back in school doesn't mean we shouldn't bask in the glorious days of summer.

May I suggest a few things? Make lemonade. Play in the sprinkler. Eat some watermelon. Take a dip in the pool (at least smell the chlorine!). Do all the things that are so characteristic of summer. Because it's not over yet!