Monday, January 29, 2007


I took Avery for her one-year checkup this morning, bright and early. We try to get the earliest appointment so we can be home in time for a nap. It was terribly cold this morning, so we bundled up tight. Avery thinks that bundling is hilarious since her hood has faux fur around it and it tickles her face. I love it!

I digress. We started out in the waiting room where Avery banged on the fish tank (poor frightened-out-of-their-gills fish) and made friends with a Hispanic toddler. When Debi, our nurse called us back, Avery got a little gun shy. I stripped her down to her diaper (which she loves), but she just about had a meltdown when Debi tried to measure her head. She checked her weight (19 lbs, 13.2 oz) and length (29 1/4 in) and we waited for Dr. Morel by reading really old magazines.

When Dr. Morel entered, Avery seemed a bit more relaxed until I had to hold her down to let Dr. Morel listen to her heart and lungs and have her ears, nose, and throat checked. She screamed so loud that I was barely able to hear my questions answered about milk and naps and all the other oh-so-important parenting topics. I think I got the gist of it.

I reclothed Avery—all but her cargo pants—and Debi returned with needles. Again, Avery flipped out. Three shots. She has turned into a really loud crier. Bless. Nevertheless, we survived and earned sparkly bandaids for our trouble. She's been a little angel the rest of the day.

I also made my modeling debut this afternoon, showing off some of the styles from Petite Boutique on NBC's More at Midday. I've grown quite fond of an adorable pair of heels from there. Can't wait until the store opens Thursday!

Last thing: photos have been posted from Avery's birthday party. They are a featured event on the Jennifer Photography website.

Friday, January 26, 2007

This time last year . . .

I gave birth to my precious Avery Elise one year ago today. I can't believe it's been a whole year. Where did it go? I was warned by every parent before me that it would fly by. "Don't blink," they'd tell me, "or you might miss something." Nothing can prepare you for the sting when you realize that your baby is growing up and that she'll never be that tiny again.

My due date had come and gone. Contractions finally started around 4 a.m. Wednesday, January 25. They were coming regularly, so I thought I'd have a baby by the end of the day. Little did I know that I'd be lucky to have a baby by the end of the week. She took her sweet time getting here.

After laboring at home the whole day, we finally decided to head to the hospital around 1 a.m. when contractions were about 3 1/2 minutes apart. However, after the nurses checked me, they confirmed that I was truly in labor but recommended that I go home and continue to labor there so they wouldn't have to try drug intervention. (We were bound and determined to do this whole labor thing without the help of drugs.) So we turned around and headed back to our house.
I got a couple hours of interrupted sleep and took a shower. Chad probably needed the rest more than I did. (My body was made for this. His wasn't.) The doctor had planned to induce on Friday if I hadn't delivered by then, so we had a scheduled "final exam" at his office on Thursday at 1 to make sure all was well. My contractions were about 2 minutes apart at this point and I had progressed enough to head back to Centennial for the delivery. So Dr. Staggs sent me on my way and promised to be close behind. When we got on I-65, though, traffic was at a standstill. I thought I'd have to deliver my child on the shoulder of the interstate! But the Lord was smiling down on us and we made it to the hospital in plenty of time.

Lamaze prepared me well for this big moment. The breathing worked wonders. Chad was a great coach and helped me stay focused. He even talked me off the ledge and reminded me that I really didn't want the epidural. After 45 minutes of pushing, Avery Elise Troup entered the world at 6:23 p.m. weighing in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce and measuring 21 1/2 inches long. She was perfect in every way.

It's hard to fathom that we've had this little family for a year now. It has been the most fulfilling, rewarding experience of my life. I can't believe she's mine.

As an extra added bonus, Avery was born on her great, great grandmother's 89th birthday. What a special gift!

So today, Happy 90th Birthday Nannie! You are so special to us. And Happy Birthday Avery Elise! You are my pride and joy. Thank you for making our lives so new and exciting every day. And thank you for giving me the best job in the world -- Mommy!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I jump on Blogger every day. No kidding. Every day. I check to see if anyone has commented and I read everyone else's blogs. I complain to myself when there's nothing new on some of them (for example, Ginger Willingham hasn't posted since June), but then I realize that other people are probably doing the same with my blog -- checking to see who has posted and realizing that Laura Troup still hasn't blogged. Sorry!

Lately, I've felt like I haven't had anything to blog about. My life seems overwhelmingly boring even to me right now. My friend, Lola, and I are still working around the clock to solicit media coverage on next week's opening of Petite Boutique. I was there at the store today as Talk of the Town was on site taping a segment about the store to air Wednesday, January 31. The store looks fantastic. All the clothes and accessories aren't in yet and all the fixtures aren't up yet, but you wouldn't know it. In fact, while we were there, people kept popping in, not realizing that the store wasn't open yet. Those petites are ready to shop! Laurie and Lori (the owners) have really put their blood, sweat and tears into this place and it shows. I'm so excited to be a part of it.

Other than that, I'm boring. A couple of posts ago, I was talking about Avery's schedule and how good it was for us. It is good, but it keeps us tied to the house sometimes. I have a hard time doing anything but parenting and grocery shopping. I'm still volunteering at Kirkpatrick Elementary, but I just about have to pull my hair out to ensure that I've got a babysitter for Avery each week. It's virtually impossible. (I wonder if I can convince any of our family to move here to be "on call" sitters.) I wish I could drag Avery along to the school with me, but she'd be such a distraction.

On another note, this time last year, I was majorly in labor. I was starving since I was told I couldn't eat after I went into labor. I wasn't aware that my labor would be 40 hours or I would've grabbed a meal as soon as contractions started. I'm glad to have eaten today.

I'll definitely share the rest of the story tomorrow. For now, I'm off to whip up dinner. Laura DePasquale (she'll always be Laura Ellis to me, though) and her husband Eric are coming over for dinner and prime time TV tonight. Should be fun! Till next time . . .

Monday, January 15, 2007

Introducing . . .

In case you haven't noticed, I have added a couple of links to my toolbar. One is under Links. It's Petite Boutique, a new store opening in Cool Springs on February 1. The site isn't complete yet, so keep checking back for updates. The other is under Friends' Blogs. It's Laurie Roe. Laurie is the owner of Petite Boutique and she blogs about the day-to-day tasks of being an entrepreneur and getting this adorable store open for business.

I'm working with Laurie to help promote Petite Boutique's opening. It's an amazing idea. I can't believe nobody around here has done this already, but there's not another petite store in Tennessee—that we know of. In the department store world, the ever-shrinking petite sections have become a disappointment. I've resorted to shopping in the regular sections and getting everything altered. But that gets expensive

In Laurie's research before she decided to open the store, she learned that 43% of women are petite—5'4" or shorter. (I can't think of a single department store that dedicates 43% of their real estate to petites.) She also learned that petite women are terribly frustrated with the lack of options they have when looking for clothing. So she's filling a need.

Inspired by Kate Spade's successful business launch, Laurie took a leap of faith of her own to start Petite Boutique and she is succeeding to serve the underserved. So if you get the chance, go out and visit her at 401-A Cool Springs Blvd, between McAlister's Deli and Moe's Southwest Grill. Congratulate her on making her dreams come true—and get yourself some new clothes!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Anyone remember the dreadfully annoying television show "Dinosaurs" from somewhere in the blur of the nineties? The baby dinosaur called its father "not the Mama." The poor father dinosaur seemed broken-hearted about this one -- getting cold seconds after the Mama Dinosaur got the most love and affection.

I feel somewhat the same. Although she spends most of her waking hours with me, Avery very rarely says "mama." I know it's not a big deal, but it kills me. She says "dadadadadada" all day long (and don't even get me started on "dog"). She even calls me "dada" sometimes. So I'm thinking of changing my name to "not the Dada." How's that?

Her nap schedule has improved significantly. We actually have a routine! While I feel like it's great for her, I think it's even better for me. It has forced me to commit to going to work out at the Y every morning and get some work done while she's down for a nap. I feel productive! Even her meal schedule is helping out. It has caused me to be very conscious about what I eat since I need to make sure she gets a balanced meal.

The schedule has also done a fair job of preventing me from shopping. Gasp! I've never really been a big shopper, but when I first left my job to stay home with Avery, I found myself aimlessly wandering Target or the mall at least twice a week. Now, I don't allow enough time between scheduled naps, meals, or learning time to make shopping worth the trip. I have properly overscheduled myself.

Ah, she's rousing. Need to get L'il Bit out of bed. Have a great day!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Hello fellow blogger buds! It has been a while since my last post. I hope you all are actually still at least checking regularly to see if I'm still alive.

Our little family is spending the New Year holiday at my parents' house in Hickory, North Carolina. Avery has had a ball exploring their new house. Since she won't crawl, she either has to scoot (which is much faster on the hardwood floors here) or walk with the assistance of a cooler, cardboard box, riding toy, or any other object not nailed to the floor.

Chad and I went to my friend Carl's house last night to ring in the new year. I saw several high school friends there and remembered why it was a good idea that I move to Nashville to go to Lipscomb. We left around 12:30 and decided that the blinding rain was a much bigger threat than the drunk drivers my parents warned us about.

Avery actually slept in until 8:30 this morning! Amazing! We took our time getting up, but finally dressed and went to pick up the U-Haul trailer we had reserved. We're bringing home an oak filing cabinet, entertainment center, and piano. I'm most excited about the piano. It's the one I've been playing since childhood. My parents got it from Steppenwolf's studio when I was really little. It'll be a fun heirloom. (When my parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago, they brought the little toy piano I played on as a baby and Avery took to it like a duck to water. Adorable! I hope she loves this piano, too.)

Mom is at the grocery store right now (again. She goes every day. I can't even imagine attempting that with Avery in tow.), so as soon as she returns, we're going to grab lunch and hit the mall. Go ahead. Kill me now. I dread the mall, but we need to make a few returns and exchanges.

No camera cord with us this weekend, so no photos to post. I'll really do my best to get some new ones on here this week.

I resolve this year to blog more regularly and actually download my photos. Hold me to it. Happy New Year!