Monday, January 14, 2008

8 Things About Avery

We've been tagged! Carrie, I haven't been ignoring you -- we've just been swamped with nursery preparation the last few days.

But without further adieu ... here are some of my favorite things about my sweet girl:

1. Every morning when we get her out of her crib, Avery says, "Eat breakfast. Avery eat waffle." She loves frozen waffles.

2. She's obsessed with Elmo. I'm not sure how she even learned about him, but she's got Elmo radar and sees him everywhere we go.

3. She loves to count and jump. "One, two, free, jump." When we tell her to count to 5 and then jump, she says, "One, two, five, jump."

4. She has been thoughtfully contemplating giving up her pacifier. I'd love her to give it up before baby 2 arrives, but I don't want her to think the new baby is taking it away from her!

5. Avery loves to call people on her cell phone (an old one of mine with the battery removed). 90% of the time, she's calling Papa. In fact, she's pretending to be on the phone with him right now!

6. She is fully convinced that "If you're happy and you know it, say 'Roll Tide'" is an actual verse to the song. She says "Roll Tide" to random strangers wearing Alabama apparel and identifies elephants as Big Al about half the time. Just trying to raise her right, y'all!

7. She adores Miss Carol at Crieve Hall and always thinks we're going to school when we drive past it any day of the week.

8. She loves her jammies -- especially her Nick & Nora "sheep jammies" that are too small for her -- and if you ask her what time it is, it's always "time for a nap."

So now, I'm supposed to tag 8 more, so I'm tagging Emmy M., Elijah N., Caroline W., Mallory M., Abigail & Ansley J., Baylor M., and Aiden M. Go forth and conquer!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

We had a fun holiday as Chad's office was closed from Dec 24-January 1. He got to be home with us, so Avery and I were spoiled by having him around. The only down side was that I still hadn't shaken the sinus infection I'd gotten the week before and the holidays don't exactly make it easy to see a doctor. The father of one of Chad's childhood friends is a doctor in Huntsville (where we were the week following Christmas), so he did us a favor and worked me in so I could get a different antibiotic. I still sound like a chain smoker, but I'm slowly improving and I'm not contagious.

Here are some long overdue photos from our Christmas. This is Avery's new chaise lounge. My dad had it reupholstered for us. It's going in Avery's room to replace the rocking chair that's moving to the nursery. Didn't it turn out great???

This is my little cowgirl. The outfit was a gift from Bebe (Chad's mom.) The boots that came with it were too big and when we went to exchange them, there were none left. So Avery picked out her new pair. She's a little fashion diva.

In her Christmas pajamas (Ho Ho Jammies, as she calls them) on Christmas morning. We went in her room that morning to find her jumping up and down in her crib waiting for us.

Ride 'em cowboy! Lucky for us, this rocking horse resides at Bebe and Papa John's house. It sings a song when you press its ear and I have no idea how to remove the batteries! Also notice the basketball goal back there. That one came home with us. We have no room indoors for it, so we'll have to play when it gets a little warmer around here.

On another note, I haven't really talked much about my pregnancy on this blog, so I suppose it's time. It's very different this time since we aren't finding out the gender. We can't refer to the baby by name, but it's SO MUCH FUN to speculate and imagine what we're having.

I feel really different this time, too. I'm much more uncomfortable. I can attribute much of that to trying to keep up with a toddler, I suppose. This child is VERY active in utero. It likes to stretch, kick and tumble all day (and all night) long. I feel like I'm carrying high and I quite possibly have an elbow in my lungs right now. I also think this baby is more out front. With Avery, if I hadn't known any better, I would have thought she was going to fall out my rear. I'm pretty sure she broke my tail bone. But this little one threatens to climb out my belly button.

We're expecting the nursery furniture to arrive in a few days. We'll start painting this weekend and I'm picking up the fabric early next week and starting on the bedding, window treatments and rocker slipcover. There's so much to do before this kiddo arrives, so we're just trying not to panic.

We're getting ready to head to L.A. for Chad's best friend's wedding, too, so I need to rest up and make sure I'm in good condition to travel so far so late in my pregnancy. If this child is anything like Avery, I don't have to worry about delivering early.

Till next time . . .