Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carolina Wedding Weekend

She did it!!!!! Avery made it down the aisle as a flower girl! I was so proud. We had a wonderful weekend in Asheville, North Carolina to witness Tiffany Stovall and Paul Erwin commit their lives to each other at the Deer Park Courtyard at the Biltmore Estate. It was a whirlwind weekend starting with a rehearsal and dinner at the River Bend Farm on the Biltmore property. I've never seen such a fancy dinner in a barn!

Avery crashed on the ride over from my parents' house to the rehearsal.
Avery and Maddie became fast friends and found a table just their size.
Avery was very proud of the puzzle "Miss Tiffy" got for her.
The Johnson Hall girls
I somehow managed to get through the weekend without pictures of the bridesmaid brunch at the Biltmore Inn. It was amazing food and a beautiful spread in a private dining room. The photographer arrived when we finished eating so we could get some photos on the Inn grounds. Here's a link to the photographer's blog so you can see them.
After brunch, we all started getting ready and boarded a shuttle that drove us around the property so we could get pictures wherever we wanted them. Tiffany tried not to sit down and wrinkle her dress. She looks like a glammed-up tour guide here.
Tiffany and the bridesmaids in front of the mansion. L to R: me, Tara Erwin, Kelsey Byers, Jodi Mitchell, Tiffany, Benae Aultman, Lindsey Crites, Aimee Cronin, Kim Collins
Avery and I got to strike a pose and wish we could live in "the big house."
Possibly the only family photo we got (at least we got one!), but Stuart was at my parents' house and missed out.
I love Avery's expression in this shot. She was having so much fun being a little princess.
We were impatiently waiting on another wedding party to get finished so we could snap a few pictures near the fountain.
Chad found bribery in the form of cookies & cream ice cream so Avery would cooperate with all the picture taking.
The entire wedding party on the front lawn.

I love how tiny Avery looks sipping water to stay cool during pictures.
This little whimsical shot is getting enlarged and framed. Love it!
We were shaking it down on the dance floor. She was a trooper for surviving such a late night.
I might be able to steal more photos from friends for later, but that's it for now. Thanks Tiffany and Paul for a great weekend! Congratulations!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Wow. It's been a while. Sorry Blogger. You've had to take a back seat to the chaos for a bit. Our lives have overflowed with stuff. You know what I mean -- the normal, everyday tasks that fill the calendar.

Why does it take 45 minutes to do something now that used to take only 15 before children???

Not that I'm complaining. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. (Although many days I threaten to throw the kiddos in day care and go back to Thomas Nelson.) We are blessed by the luxury of one income supporting our family. I get to help develop my children's brains and personalities. I get to be the one to teach them about manners, motor skills, and how the world works.

Never mind the dirty dishes in the sink, the Magic Eraser markings on the dining room wall from scrubbing off crayon, the puzzle pieces in the floor, the unmade beds, or the fact that I haven't had a shower yet today. I am a mom and that is the coolest job in the world because I got an Eskimo kiss from my sweet girl and a toothless grin from my adorable boy.

And I've just been informed that someone needs a new diaper...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Blogger gripe

What in the world is up with Blogger spacing right now???

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Scary bunny rabbits

When I think of bunny rabbits, I think of sweet, fluffy balls of fur that hop around and deliver Easter eggs. Obviously, my daughter has other ideas.
Last night, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I wrangled Avery into her room for bed. We'd had a bath and read stories, sung songs and said prayers. But when I got ready to make my exit, she dissolved into a screaming, crying fit. Why me?
I tried tough love and told her to get into bed unless she wanted a spanking. (Empty threats are worthless in my house.) She just stood at the door and yelled -- waking her brother from his peaceful slumber, of course.
After a bit of probing and cuddling with her to calm her down, I asked if she was afraid of something. She nodded and mumbled and answer. Had I misunderstood? I had her repeat her response, and I had in fact heard correctly. Bunny rabbits.
I laughed. Bunny rabbits? You're afraid of sweet, perfect bunny rabbits? You haven't even seen Monty Python. How could you know the dark side?
I convinced Avery that bunny rabbits lived outside in the woods and that even if we did come in contact with bunny rabbits, they are very friendly and sweet.
That seemed to do the trick. She drifted off to sleep.