Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it summer yet?

I know it's not quite summer yet, but it sure feels like it. It's HOT. But thank heavens for the pool at the YMCA. Avery and I have been hitting it up every day. She's a big fan of splashing around. She's pretty brave, too. She's not afraid of the freezing cold water. I just have to grin and bear it so she doesn't get out of reach.

We spent the holiday weekend in Huntsville with Chad's family. Saturday was devoted to tromping around on the farm. Avery loved the barn and got to pet her first cow! It was the one that was born the same day as her. All the other cows run when you get too close, but "Avery's cow" will walk right up to you expecting some attention. All the photos are on Chad's parents' camera because I bought the wrong size battery! At least we had the video camer for other stills from the last few days.
I ran by Target this morning and bought a pack of the right size batteries so I won't have any more excuses for not documenting all the growing up going on in our house. I'm always behind the camera, so here are some good pictures of Avery with Daddy.
Cuddling by the pool

Eating spaghetti
"Helping" Daddy wash the car
"Helping" Daddy water the lawn
Playing in the bathtub with our buddy Madeline

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day and Field Day

I totally intended to post yesterday, but Chad and I got wrapped up in a crossword puzzle. We're addicts. Ever since we subscribed to the paper, we're hooked!

Mother's Day was wonderful. Avery got me a sweet card and flowers and she helped Daddy make lunch for me. I got to take it easy for the day.

I LOVE being a mom. And it's so cliche, but I never knew how much my mom loved me until I had Avery. This is technically my third Mother's Day because two years ago on Mother's Day I learned I was pregnant with Avery. What a cool day!!!!

Today, Avery and I spent the morning at Kirkpatrick Elementary. I had the stroller loaded with fruit snacks and I hauled around a couple of coolers full of Capri Suns for the kiddos. They are hilarious! I wish I'd had my camera (but, of course, yet again, I don't have batteries). My class won Tug-o-War!

The kids wanted to take turns "helping" with Avery. They had a ball pushing her stroller and following her around and feeding her fruit snacks. They've all come a long way since the first of the year. I can hardly believe the year is almost over. Wow! First Grade, here they come!

Well, I'm sweaty, so it's time for a shower. Till next time . . .

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tongue bite or terrified?

Yesterday evening, we all sat down to dinner at the kitchen table. A fly had gotten into the house at some point and it was driving us crazy while we were eating. I rolled up a section of the newspaper and started swatting at it. After flailing around the kitchen like a lunatic, I finally knocked the fly out and beat it senseless on the floor.

I was incredibly proud of myself, but I looked up to see Avery's face. I've never seen anything like it. She looked terrified and was bawling her eyes out. I'm still not sure if she had bitten her tongue while eating or if she was genuinely frightened that I had killed a helpless (albeit germ-carrying) creature. I wish I had a photograph of the look on her face. I honestly haven't see anything like it in my life.

I shouldn't have excuses for not posting pictures. Just call it laziness. We haven't taken many photos lately because the camera battery died and I haven't bought new ones yet. Maybe soon. Til then . . .