Friday, July 10, 2009

The Return

My days are quite different now. I had spent the last 5 months on contract with a publisher working on book promotions with some very talented publicists in an office setting. My contract was up June 30, so now I'm back home on contracts with various publishers and clients. Working from home is a blessing. I was thrilled to be full-time there for the last few months, but I sure did miss my double life as a mommy/promotions consultant. The kids have been great! I love being back home with them. Some days are challenging, but I'm able to get my work done and I'm getting used to balancing it all.

As an extra added bonus, I'm relearning how to do laundry and dishes and cook for my family again! The things you take for granted...

Chad and I had a date last night. Tori came over to put the kids in bed for us and hang out while we were gone. (It's so frustrating to have to pay a babysitter to literally just sit in your house while your children sleep. At least we love her!) We grabbed dinner and headed to The Basement on 8th Avenue to see FLOREZ. We got there at 9, but the guys didn't go on until after 11. We're almost too old for that! Regardless, we got to see a great show. Alex Florez is an incredibly gifted guitarist. He, Erik and Justin blew us away. They'll probably have another show there next month, so PLEASE plan to be there with us. We promise a great night!

Here's hoping my life becomes blogworthy again. Hang in there with me! Much love...

I'm hoping that this little life will become blogworthy again!