Sunday, March 30, 2008

When it rains...

We thought our season of plagues was over. Now we're waiting to see what's waiting around the next corner.

This morning, Avery made her first ever attempt to escape from her crib. She managed to break her arm when she landed. It wasn't a major fracture, but she also dislocated her elbow in the process. Of course, we didn't know this upon first assessment. I convinced Chad that she at least needed to be checked out since she couldn't squeeze my fingers or raise her arm up. And since it was the weekend, our only option was the ER.

Chad took her to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for x-rays and they determined that she would need surgery to put pins in. Poor kiddo. She was so brave, though. Chad and I, on the other hand, were just trying to hold it together. I think we were mostly just tired, but we couldn't help but feel guilty, thinking that maybe we could have done something differently to prevent the accident. We've gotta get over that and just focus on taking care of her and making sure she heals correctly.

Please pray that we can adjust to this minor inconvenience. (I'm mainly concerned about bathtime!) We'll make it just fine. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are you kidding me?

Stuart is 2 weeks old today. I can't believe it. Now time is flying by! Avery is very proud. She is acting out a little bit, but for the most part she's handling this transition well.
Our drama of the week, however, is that Chad has the shingles! Aarg! He's normally a very healthy guy, but since the beginning of my third trimester, his immune system has pooped out. He started getting headaches on Friday night and ibuprofen wasn't helping. He got an early appointment with the doctor on Monday morning, and they found spots behind his left ear. Since then, he's been breaking out on his scalp, forehead, nose and eyelids. As I type, he's at the opthamologist to make sure it's not in his eyes. What a nightmare!
For now, we're making sure he stays away from Stuart and we're all washing our hands like crazy. Please pray that this runs its course quickly! Thanks for checking on us.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stuart at home

My sweet boy's chubby cheeks

Proud big sister before church

Bonding with Uncle Ben

Our first few days at home have been interesting. We're just trying to get used to having an extra person in the house. Probably the toughest thing is that I'm not allowed to pick up Avery for 2 more weeks. She always wants to be held. And when she goes down for a nap or bedtime, I can't put her in the bed or get her out. Aarg!

I'm also trying to get used to teeny tiny diaper changes -- on a BOY! I've been peed on quite a bit. Stuart has quite the range! He has been so good, though. He's nursing well. He even slept well last night. We always worry about his being fussy at night and the risk that he might wake up his big sister. So far, she has snoozed right on through the night.

Stuart had a doctor visit yesterday. The hospitalist encouraged us to go see the pediatrician before the 1-week mark due to the risk that I might have passed GBS to Stuart. He checked out great, though. He was almost back to his birth weight already (even though he feels so tiny) and had great reflexes. We were very encouraged by being there.

Now the challenge will be adjusting to Chad's being back at work. Say a little prayer!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's a BOY!

Our little one finally made an appearance! After much anticipation, we had a little boy on Wednesday morning at 7:42 a.m. Stuart Benton Troup made his entrance into the world weighing a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz and measuring 20 2/4" long.

I woke Wednesday morning around 3 a.m. thinking I was having a contraction. I had 3 in a row 15 minutes apart each and then they started coming closer and closer together. We called my mom and she encouraged us to call Dr. Staggs. He told us to come on in. We called Melanie Brown to come stay at the house until Avery woke up and we high-tailed it to the hospital, arriving there at 6 a.m.

I completely expected Dr. Staggs to say we weren't very far along, but I was already 8 cm dilated! We had expected to be induced on Friday and have family there, but it was just Chad and me and the Centennial staff welcoming Stuart into the world a short time later. Labor was definitely fast and furious. Even if I'd planned on having an epidural, there wouldn't have been time! This 4 hour labor was much more manageable than the 40 hour labor with Avery!

Avery was the first one to meet her little brother. A little timid at first, she warmed up to him quickly. Chad's parents arrived shortly thereafter and my parents still had quite the haul from North Carolina.

We were grateful for all the visits and gifts at the hospital, but we're thrilled to be at home now! And our house is clean! (At least it was.) Our precious life group friends had broken into our house and cleaned and decorated it for us. We are blessed!

We're so happy to have our little boy safely in the world. Welcome Stuart!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still pregnant

My due date has come and gone. Just like Avery, this child is quite content in the familiar comfort of my womb and has decided to stay inside.

Going to church was really tough yesterday. I actually dreaded it because I knew I'd get a thousand comments like "you mean you haven't had that baby yet" and "what are you doing here?" Besides that, I get random people rubbing my belly and talking to it. I'm not terribly uncomfortable being poked in the belly, but I'm most bothered by the fact that people don't ask to touch. They just touch. I read an article on BabyCenter about how to handle that situation. One gal said she just rubs people back if they touch without asking. Then they get the idea! Hilarious!

I'm definitely not complaining about going full term (and then some) with this baby. So many people have a hard time carrying babies, have difficult pregnancies, or can't get pregnant at all. We are blessed.

The latest news we have is that I go to the doctor tomorrow for a non-stress test and possibly a biophysical profile to make sure everything is okay in there. If the baby hasn't arrived on its own by Friday, I'll be induced. I REALLY don't want to be induced. I'd like to go into labor on my own so I'm not a "watched pot." I'd prefer to labor at home without induction drugs. Please pray for us! I'll update when we have more news.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shop 'til you Drop

PLEASE take advantage of this great sale at Otter Creek starting Thursday. The sale is quickly becoming one of the area's best and biggest. We're the largest not-for-profit sale in the state, I think. All the proceeds are going toward building the Otter Creek Kindergarten at our new site.

You'll find all sorts of great deals - infants' and children's clothing, maternity wear, furniture, baby gear, accessories, toys, books, and all sorts of other great deals. Go shop and bring a friend!