Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's too quiet in here

After a few days of sore throat, cough, sneezing and general yuckiness, I headed to the doctor this morning. Sinus infection. Great. I have plenty of time for that in the midst of finishing my Christmas shopping and packing. (Please note the sarcasm.)

For the majority of the day, I've been trying to take it easy on the couch and let the meds kick in. I used every ounce of energy I had to feed Avery some lunch and clean up a bit. I was straightening the living room, trying to recover from the tornado of puzzles on the floor and realized that it was really quiet. I yelled, "Avery, where are you?" I heard her tiny voice say "in da kitchen." Then I heard the toilet seat.

I raced through the kitchen to the half bath and found the little loon with her pants around her ankles trying to put the toilet paper (completely unrolled) back on the roll. A definite Kodak moment I couldn't miss. She told me that she wanted to go on mommy's potty. I think it's time for door knob covers!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hope you weren't holding your breath!

Many apologies if you were waiting around for me to write -- that's if any of you are still even checking for updates!

I'm at the very end of my last campaign for work before the holidays. Lola and I decided not to take on anything extra -- just in case. She delivered her first son VERY EARLY, so we're not taking chances. Besides, we need to make sure we're really rested before we each become parents of two. Holy Cow!

That said, I'm praying myself to Friday. I've made hundreds of media calls in the last two weeks and it's not only physically exhausting, but it's sometimes ego deflating. Of those hundreds of calls, it's rare to actually get a live person on the phone and when you do, most of the time they're either too busy to talk to you or completely not interested in what you've got to say. That's when I have to put my game face on and plow through. You absolutely must believe in what you're pitching and feel confident that there is someone out there who is going to be thrilled to cover it. I've got the pleasure of doing tour press for Moya Brennan, who is performing her holiday album, An Irish Christmas, on the U.S. leg of her world tour. She's Enya's sister and lead singer of their family band, Clannad. How cool!

In other news, we're decking our halls for the holidays. I LOVE Christmas. I'm already listening to Mix 92.9 around the clock to get myself psyched up for the holidays. Avery is intrigued by the lights and decorations, too. When we were in NC, she helped Nana decorate the tree and had a ball. She's also very into her "Ho Ho jammies" (red & white striped pajamas with a matching hat.) Looks like I've infected her with the Christmas spirit!
I also couldn't resist sharing a photo of my not-so-little brother carving the Thanksgiving turkey.