Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sparkly band-aids and the Tide testimonial

I took Avery last week for her 9-month check-up at Dr. Morel's office. I always choose the early morning appointments in hopes of avoiding all the sick children who might pass along their respective illnesses to my susceptible infant. This particular morning, I knew we were going to have shots and a flu vaccination, but they also took a little blood from Avery's toe to check her levels after having a UTI a few weeks ago.

I expected tears. She doesn't exactly trust the nurses after her 4-hour visit due to the UTI last time. Nevertheless, we survived. After pricking her toe, they put on a sparkly band-aid. Bad idea. She was mesmerized and immediately tried to put her feet in her mouth. She tugged and pulled at the band-aid and caused her toe to start bleeding again and the blood ended up all over my favorite sweater and jeans.

The nurse gave me an alcohol swab, so I worked at the spots for a while to no avail. And then I remembered a little gift from Becca -- a Tide To Go pen! I hadn't used it before, but it took the stain right out. The day was saved! Well, maybe that's a bit drastic, but at least my sweater survived.